Topic: here is what I have noticed

OK First of all the touch screen seems to run hot. Is this normal?
When listening to audio streams the audio will stop for no apparent reason.
The audio is almost always choppy.
touch screen is not as reactive as I would like.
Touch sensitivity is not perfect.
A coast feature on screens which can scroll would be nice.
Personally a scroll area should be SOP on all screens with the ability to scroll...or at least there should be a single interface ..a common interface.
There is an area on my screen which looks like it has some pressure it from the rear and the colors are a little tweaked i this area..some times.
Anybody out there who has a PSP should look at their streaming audio front end. I believe it is a flash interface as well and it is clean and very simple. It also includes visual feedback about the quality of the data (speed ect) there are nice sound effects implemented so you know something is happening between station choices. Tuning noises.
IMHO this would be a good jumping off point for the chumby Internet radio.

I am really happy that the Chumby has the a audio streaming receiver. My hope is that there is enough horsepower to make it work well. I have a fear that the unit is being pressed hard to demodulate the audio stream. I hope I am wrong.
My point is that Internet / wifi radios can cost some what more than the Chumby. They are a single purpose device.
There are over 5K stations available on these radios. Will there be a way to program our chumby to be able to monitor more of the available streams?

I am a plug and play kind of guy no flash writing for me.
I received e today for Christmas. I was very pleased at how easy it was to set up. It was even easy to go to the beta
I wish the chumby had a cradle/battery system so it could easily be moved say to the can for some easy reading or audio streaming while doing my business. IN a way having it tethered to power it a big drawback.
I know it is an always ON device. I also know this particular screen draws a lot of power (based on how warm it gets).
OK I am tired now thanks for reading I  forward to reading comments on my comments.

A Chumby in hand is worth 20 in the Wherehouse.