Topic: so what if you dont have an ipod

i just received a chumby and needless to say i am pretty stoked to own one now. and i am browsing through the capabilities and i notice that ipods are supported...

only thing is i don't like to use the ipod for music, i use other mp3 providers, as well as a windows mobile 6 device. is there another way to play mp3s on here, or better yet to use my WM6 device on the chum to either listen to my tracks or sync with my desktop?

Re: so what if you dont have an ipod

Best bet is to get an el-cheapo USB flash drive, drop some tunes on there, plug it in back and switch to the Beta version of the control panel. There's a discussion somewhere on the board about little tiny flash drives that are barely noticeable once plugged in.

Hope this helps.