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Topic: Kotaku & Beta Locks up

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a bug? My chumby locks up randomly when it loads up the kotaku widget. It may make it through a couple of times or last hours loading said widget but it always locks up on the kotaku widget. When it locks up it won't register any clicks or button pushes I must power off the chumby and restart it. I'll list everything I can to Try and help you.

Chumby: Insider

Control panel: Beta 2.6.49

Channel name: News

# of Channels: 13

List of channels in order of play and duration:
1. Chumby Analog clock (white) 30 sec.
2. My Ebay 30 sec.
3. Woot! 30 sec.
4. ESPN News, Tuned to football 30 sec.
5. Gizmondo 30 sec.
6. Engadget 30 sec.
7. LED clock 60 sec.
8. Digg 30 sec.
9. Rotten Tomatoes 30 sec.
10. Perez Hilton 15 sec.
11.Netflix, Tuned to Releases 30 sec.
12. Kotaku 30 sec.
13. Google hot trends 60 sec.

Also it randomly resets the channel saying something like authorizing and restarts the channel from the beginning. I cant remember off the top of my head what it says. It seems to reset after gizmondo or engadget, just before the LED clock widget.

I hope you guys can recreate the problem.

By the way awesome product! I can't wait to see the changes the chumby goes through in the near future.

P.S. Wasn't sure to post here or in widgets. Please move to correct forum.