Topic: Screen stops responding to touch screen.

I've seen this is the previous version as well.  The screen stops responding to any touch screen clicks, and sometimes the top button press as well.  Once it times out and changes screen/widgets it works again.  I can't reproduce it, as it appears to happen at random.  Possibly you can find it by figuring out how it gets fixed.

Re: Screen stops responding to touch screen.

Please turn on the "touchclick" in the Settings/Volume panel, and see if the screen is still getting clicks, or if they're being ignored in some way.

Not that this beta is only the Control Panel, not the underlying firmware or drivers.  As a Flash movie, it has absolutely no control over the behavior of the touchscreen.

Re: Screen stops responding to touch screen.

Same here. I activated the touchclick and it clicks very well even if the screen hangs.

When I log in via ssh, kill the controlpanel and start a new one everything works fine again, so I think the problem must lie either in the controlpanel or in the flashplayer.

Re: Screen stops responding to touch screen.

I now took a deeper look in the situation and I think I have one or the other hint.

1) When I boot up my chumby I can see two controlpanel-tasks in the task-list. Ist this ok?

2) I can crash my controlpanel very reliably with the music-section: I start any music source (SHOUTcast for example), change to another source and play it without stopping the first. Repeating that several times my controlpanel is dead after a few clicks.

3) I boot up my chumby, go to the music, play around till the controlpanel doesn't respond anymore. Then I use ssh, do a "stop_controlpanel" and a "start_controlpanel". And after restarting the control_panel I wasn't able to crash it again until the next reboot.

Perhaps that helps a little bit...

Re: Screen stops responding to touch screen.

This appears to be a memory issue - we're looking into it.

SHOUTcast, in particular, seems to use a lot of memory for the catalog.  In the next release I'll be trying another strategy that will hopefully be lighter weight.

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Re: Screen stops responding to touch screen.

I think it must have something to do with the way the controlpanel is launched. I can crash my chumby with any other music source, not just SHOUTcast, and after the restart of the controlpanel everything is totally stable. At the moment I run a ShoutCast-stream, a channel with some widgets and I stress the httpd a little bit.

Hey - with a chumby even bug searching is fun smile