Topic: Feedback on new channel control panel UI.

I'm not a UI/usability expert. I'm just an opinionated user who loves his chumby. I'm sure lots of thought and long meetings were put into the UI changes. Just take this as constructive input.

As I played around with the beta control panel I had a couple "huh?" moments as I went through the channel screens.

The "Reload" button on the new channel menu screen seems odd as I can't see the things listed on the screen that I'm reloading. I generally want to reload channels after I update the one I'm using or create a new one on I think reload is still relevant on the change channel screen and info screen. Could it exist in multiple places?

Under "Info" the button to go back is called "Cancel" which seems odd as I'm not really doing anything that needs canceling. I think "Done" would make more sense.

I like the "covert flow" display of widgets on the info screen smile

Why not add "send" "rate" and "delete" buttons to the info screen? (although that would make it more than just "Info"). I'd also like to be able to change to a channel I'm browsing in the info screen if it isn't the one I'm currently watching. The current two step process of looking under info then going over to change seems clunky...then again I'm not sure if anyone would actually do this as they probably know what channel they want. I suppose you could argue that the info section isn't needed as people can do this on

...ok back to work smile