Topic: Only 5 minutes of NPR or PEBKAC?

(PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair)

While listening to NPR for about 5 minutes when the beta control panel went back to playing widgets and stopped playing NPR. I left the chumby parked on the "Radio Free Chumby" select music source page. It did this the first time I tried listening to something. I wasn't able to repeat this behavior. So maybe it's a first-use issue...or I just may be nuts.

Usability: At first I left the Chumby on the radio playing page as it wasn't obvious that I could "exit" the control panel and go back to widgets and keep listening. Perhaps add a "Hide Control Panel and keep listening" button on the music selection screen? I'm used to the Chumby being a single-tasking device, not multi-tasking.

Thanks for making the beta version of the control panel available. I love companies that listen to users. I also love products that get better and better over time. smile

Re: Only 5 minutes of NPR or PEBKAC?

Which music source were you using to play the NPR stream?

Re: Only 5 minutes of NPR or PEBKAC?

I was listening to CRW - NPR Santa Monica on Radio Free Chumby. Which shows up as the following process:

I spent a couple hours listening yesterday with no further problems.

Re: Only 5 minutes of NPR or PEBKAC?

I, too, have experienced this problem several times. I left the Chumby at the ShoutCast radio station select screen while listening the WDET Detroit (also an NPR news station).  After 5 minutes or so the Chumby stops playing the radio station and jumps to my news channel, where the first widget is an RSS feed.