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Topic: Pandora does not load, nor does Iheart

I haven't tried to use Pandora on my I3 on my desk, but it did not load just now. When this happens there is a close button which works.

Please wait, Pandora is loading.  I tried a couple of times. This might have not worked for months or years, it's been that long.

Same with iheart radio. It fails to start. There is a green squiggly line, and that's it.
Chumby logo in the background. 
The button on top has no effect. Crashed I guess.
I turned if off and on with the button, and it's now initializing and will download the control panel and work. Playing widgets.

But not music. I guess music at least from these two sources is dead.

A couple of sources in Blue octy radio play.

Re: Pandora does not load, nor does Iheart

Hmmm, seems to be working fine for me.  Listening to Pandora on a C8 even as I write this.

I should note that various chumby servers have been under some sort of DDOS for the last three days, diamaunt and I are working on mitigating it.

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Re: Pandora does not load, nor does Iheart

Really? Well, none worked here a couple days ago. I will retest. This is the I3 by my computer.
DDOS? Wonder why? That could well be the problem.

I didn't use music for a while, couple years maybe.
Oh, Pandora is working now. Sorry. I just assumed and reported dutifully.

Do you get that Pandora quits problem that I reported?  Or is that just me?

Re: Pandora does not load, nor does Iheart

Pandora just quit suddenly. Something is bugging the control panel, as you said.
It rebooted and is playing widgets.

Re: Pandora does not load, nor does Iheart

I've seen the API fail to authenticate occasionally, sometimes for a couple of hours, sometimes for a couple of days.  So far, it has always come back, but it's possible that changes at some point.

Honestly, it's actually amazing, and I'm very thankful, that Pandora still works on the chumby.  I recall they were big fans of chumby in the early days, which is why it was adopted so quickly, but the original Chumby Industries has been out of business now for twelve years, and I'm sure there's been a lot of change there as well.  We're sort-of in a "don't ask don't tell" situation where hopefully Pandora will continue to operate until it requires any explicit effort to keep it going.

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Re: Pandora does not load, nor does Iheart

Pandora failed to work on my Pioneer AV receiver, which is a lot newer than the Chumby.  So in that respect the Chumby exceeds consumer equipment :-)

Re: Pandora does not load, nor does Iheart

I agree, but I do report issues I see for completeness.