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I have a Chumby. A One,  I think, kind of padded black thing. It was my alarm clock for the longest time, then it started being a bit unreliable so it moved from a position of importance to a position of nice to have around-ness.

It's died. In fact, it's just stuck in a circular boot thing, where it gets so far then resets itself. Actually, this happened a few months back and I haven't -- yet -- dropped my subscription because I feel like you guys need the support even if it's not delivering anything to me, except lumpishness.

I think -- because I think I recognise the symptoms -- the power supply isn't quite giving it the juice it needs to work properly.

Which is an issue. Here in the UK -- where the Chumby was never any sort of a big deal, sadly -- even finding something that might work is going to be a challenge.

Do I let it go to the Chumby graveyard, in the knowledge that the world is now so full of internet-connected gadgetry that it'll never again be anything much more than a curiosity? Or do I try to resurrect it, with no guarantees that my guess is right?

If I try to resurrect it, what do I do about a power supply? Is there anything out there that might help me find something that'll do the job?

If I accept that it's died, do I allow myself to feel guilty?

(Its place was taken by a 5" Echo. All very modern and up with the in-crowd but somehow, its personality just isn't the same. sad )

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If it's a black padded device, then it's a chumby Classic, not a chumby One.

While it's possible that it's a power supply thing, it might not be.  It sounds like more of a firmware corruption thing.  You should be able to check the power supply with a voltmeter to verify if it's working.

In general, the CC does not suffer from the same power supply woes as the C1, but it does occasionally happen.  We've probably shipped only a half-dozen or so replacement CC power supplies over the years, but dozens of C1 supplies.

The first thing I'd do is see whether it can go into "safe mode" - power up while touching the screen.  If that succeeds, then I'd try to do a firmware update (see

If you do think it's a power supply. then finding a third-party power supply for the chumby Classic is far easier than finding one for the chumby One (which unfortunately uses a rather rare barrel connector).

What you'd look for is a 12VDC 1A (at least) supply with a 2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD (P-5) barrel connector.  In practice, the CC will take anywhere from 6.5VDC to 14.5VDC.  If you can't find a 12VDC supply with the correct barrel connector, you can graft the connector from your current supply onto something you find, being careful to wire it correctly.

We also sell CC power supplies at, but it's likely the shipping cost would be unattractive.  Often people will find friends traveling to the US and have them receive it and take it back.

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i really enjoyed reading this post.  i miss my chumbys/dashs

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how can you get ahold of me?  i have an extra device that needs good home

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Post details on The Market and see who is interested.

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