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Hello, to whoever comes by later. I use modern firefox with the Ruffle extension in order to configure my widgets nowadays. (A favorite of mine is the RSS Widget.) But one thing that doesn't seem to work is the ability to paste text into a widget's configuration page. This is especially troubling when pasting in a url to a RSS feed, as they can be long and tedious to type in by hand.

So here's a workaround I found, at least on windows. I'm using a program called Clavier+ that lets you assign actions to a keyboard shortcut. One action is to insert some text that you specify. If you use the "Write text in Low-Level Mode" option, this will actually type in your specified text as though you're typing it on a keyboard, which will work in a widget configuration panel.

There are surely other options out there, both for Windows and for other operating systems. But this is one way to do it that works.

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Might be worth filing a bug with the Ruffle team, especially if that's the only thing not working properly.  You have confirmed that it is saving the parameters to the server (that wasn't working in the past)?

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There is also a WIN/MAC app called FlashBrowser that will work. 
I'm not affiliated with them.  It works.  You can get it here:
< … s/tag/v0.8>