Topic: NOAA weather - server error

Trying to change my zip in NOAA weather, it says it is validating zip, then immediately gets 'server error'

Any fix for this?

Re: NOAA weather - server error

Can this be looked at?

I remember that the zip is in a text file, but it seems some server somewhere 'validates' it.  That server seems down or moved

Duana, can this be fixed????

i'd like to change my zip 01760 to 85132 (My new house in AZ)

Re: NOAA weather - server error

The server is working, however, it appears that the zip code "85132" is not in the database.

We use a zip code database from a third party.  It looks like your zip code was changed from 85232 to 85132 in 2009, and the database *does* have 85232, which seems to cover the area in question (Florence, AZ).   My guess is that the third party did not pick up this change, even though I did pull an update in 2014 before launching the new site.

So...try 85232 for now, or just use the zip code for the nearest airport since that's probably where the weather station is anyway.

Re: NOAA weather - server error

thank you

85232 works!

I would never have thought server error meant bad zip.

Re: NOAA weather - server error

The widget reports it as a server error, but actually the server generates a nice XML response:

<error>No locations found for '85132'</error> opposed to a success response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <id type="integer">69927</id>
  <latitude type="float">33.028</latitude>
  <longitude type="float">-111.369</longitude>
  <noaa-station-id type="integer">220</noaa-station-id>