Topic: Chumby Store - USB Flash drive preloaded with dash patches....

Since many folks have had issues with finding compatible dongles and/or loading the chumby patches onto them, we've added a compatible pre-formatted and pre-loaded 2GB USB Flash drive to the Chumby Store. … ion-below/

We also offer the same drive preformatted, but otherwise blank.  These drives have been tested for compatibility with all of the chumby branded and supported chumby-enabled devices:

* chumby Classic
* chumby One
* chumby 8
* Insignia Infocast 8
* Insignia Infocast 3.5
* Sony dash HID-C10

If you have a dash that requires and update to firmware 1526, the blank drive would be useful, however we cannot sell you a drive with that firmware preloaded due to copyright issues.