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Topic: Sony Dash HID-C10

I was in my basement this afternoon and I decided to plug in my Sony Dash to see what it would do. Right now I get the following message:

Error: Unable to download the Control Panel (No download information available.) Please restart your dash(tm) to try again.

What should I try next?

I did find this video. However, it looks like that will bring me up to 1.7.1604. Does that mean I need to do this first and then roll it back or do I start somewhere else? Also, if I switch to the Chumby version, how much is the monthly service fee and what apps and services will be available on the Chumby Dash? For example, would Netflix or Slacker still be available or are those gone forever?


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Re: Sony Dash HID-C10


You're a little late to the party (all the fun and drama happened in the first six months of 2017) but if you follow the instructions you will have a happy, healthy, Chumdash which can join the others who have broken free of their Sony bonds and are living in user-supported bliss.  Sony shut everything down and attempted to brick the units.  Yours, however, slept through all that.


There is no "monthly service fee" to just get back to basic functions.  If you want to load widgets, etc. the $3/mo is well worth it, and supports the back-end servers which keep the ecosystem alive.

Anything that relied on Sony's contracts with providers no longer works.

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Thank you for the reply. So are Netflix and Slacker both gone forever then?

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Re: Sony Dash HID-C10

That's correct.

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Re: Sony Dash HID-C10

I did get this working this evening. Thanks for your help and encouragement.

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Movies and music on the jump drive do work. Dashes have great video potential. Maybe some time in the future Duane or someone may be able to add Archive.org or something that is public domain for vids. I don't think Duane would mind someone else doing this since some of the best techies are on this forum. smile

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