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Topic: Anyone else having trouble with alarms?

I'm starting to notice wonky alarm behavior and I'm curious if anyone else is having the same experience.

First, I had a couple of days off from work last week, so I toggled my alarm off (with the normally green bell icon changed to gray).  The alarm sounded on both days, anyway.

Today, my Monday-Friday alarm went off, even though it's Saturday.  I noticed it showed the next alarm was set for tomorrow, even though it's Sunday. 

I double-checked that the alarm was configured for Monday-Friday only, so I deleted that alarm and created a new one with the same parameters.  Still shows the next alarm as tomorrow.  I toggled the alarm off, and now it shows Monday under "next alarm".

One thing that is not a bug but I really miss, is that the "next alarm" feature does not display time for the next alarm after a "snooze".

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Re: Anyone else having trouble with alarms?

About half the time the snooz button does not work on my dash.