Topic: Quadruple the value of your chumby subscription with one easy trick!

Chumbyized all three of my Dashes last night!  Prior to that, I was relying on a single chumby One, while my Dash sat unplugged on my desk, unable to download the control panel, and a further two had been decommissioned completely by other family members, impatient for a fix and anxious to reclaim desk space from these useless black slabs.  Now I've got 4 chumbys/chumbalikes up and running and my subscription is an even better value than ever!  Thanks so much for all of your work on this!!  The Dashes humming back to life (or...popping...I guess, due to the chumby launch animation!) was like the return of a beloved trio of friends!  I found the disabling of the Sony logo (usually only the case when deployed in upside-down mode!) particularly amusing by the way!  Can't wait to see what's next, and I love how hackable this once walled garden of a device already is!! smile