Topic: sending events to Control Panel not working


I'm trying the following:

[root@tango3 scripts]# echo '<event type="NightMode" value="off" comment=""/>' > /tmp/flashplayer.event

[root@tango3 scripts]# cat /tmp/flashplayer.event
<event type="NightMode" value="off" comment=""/>

[root@tango3 scripts]# chumbyflashplayer.x -F1
Adobe FlashLite Build 007 3.1.7 Release (Version 9,1,122,0)- Chumby Industries (version 9 build 101-108 [GCC 4.3.2])
Portions copyright (C) 2005-2010 Chumby Industries, Inc.
Built for: yume; Features: Video Yume DirectFB 860x480
Build time: Wed 06Apr2011 1213
chumbyflashplayer.x: using environment values DFB_X_RES = 860, DFB_Y_RES = 480
2017-08-11 15:59:21 reading configuration from /psp/flashplayer.cfg (search order 2)
chumbyflashplayer.x: sending signal 1 (SIGHUP) to running instance 3055
chumbyflashplayer.x: signal sent, process 3055 should still be running

The file /tmp/flashplayer.event is gone afterwards.

But: Nothing happens on my device. It stays in NightMode ...


Re: sending events to Control Panel not working

Those commands are for the 3.5" chumby devices, though some also work on the C8.

Each of the "chumby tricks" has a row of icons indicating which devices they work on.

Re: sending events to Control Panel not working

Ah. I see. Thank you. Too bad, remote controlling the Control Panel would have been neat.