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What hero will (try to) get the Amazon Alexa voice service running the Chumby??  See and various other refs online for the Raspberry Pi builds.

I kind of recall some pioneer working out the interface to the otherwise-unused Chumby microphone (on the One, anyhow... does the C8 even have a built-in microphone?).  And we certainly have a button...  I wonder if the button press can be differentiated by click vs hold, say.

Now, whether there's enough storage / memory for this to work I don't know.  Just a notion.

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Hmmm, actually doesn't look too hard.

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I think anything like this that connects Chumby to cloud services is a good option for extending its life and functionality, being as Flash is falling out of favour and anyway our hardware and its version of Flash are getting pretty old.

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I work closely with the Alexa API, the main issue would be supporting HTTP/2 protocol for messaging. Other than that its a matter of a microphone, and network calls. Fun stuff.

Is the Chumby OS able to handle something like this? … rrency=USD

Or has the on-device microphone been "unlocked"?

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you can access the microphone, and stream audio off of it.

I don't remember offhand how I did it, but I had a little script set up under the built in web server that would open the mic and stream whatever it heard... audio spy, as it were.

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

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The chumby uses ALSA.

See this post:

We did have a prototype Control Panel that used this technique to make an intercom between two devices.

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I'd be interested in working on something Alexa based. Especially if you could trigger it with the top button, ala Amazon Tap.

Not really sure where to start though. smile Would it be AS based?


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Duane, is that prototype control panel w/ intercom available? I have 3 InfoCast 8"s, and would like to have 2 of them run the small widgets in a "window", with intercom between them.

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Has anyone thought any more on this? I have 2 Echo Show's and really like them. I sure hate the thought of trashing my 3 dead dashes. If we could turn them in to "Show" devices, that would be super cool.

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I think Duane is a bit busy working on providing service for Dash owners. Other projects will most likely have to be placed on hold for a while.

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