Topic: Chumby os on Raspberry pi?

I'm just asking if anyone knows if Chumby os works with the Raspberry Pi
Or if there is a version out there that will work with Raspberry Pi.

Here are some of the specs

ARM1176JZF-S (ARMv6k) 700 MHz

256 MB (Model A)
256 MB (Model B rev 1)
512 MB (Model B rev 2, B+)

SD card slot
(SD or SDHC card)

Broadcom VideoCore IV

Re: Chumby os on Raspberry pi?

The "chumby os" is just Linux, which already works on Raspberry Pi (my favorite version's Raspbian ). To run Chumby widgets, you'd need some form of Flash. The version that the devices use cannot be distributed, and Adobe doesn't release Flash for anything other than x86 platforms. Open-source alternatives like Gnash and Lightspark don't work too well, and are poorly optimized.

Re: Chumby os on Raspberry pi?

I would love to run the Chumby on such a box: