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Yeah I kinda of disappeared from the Chumby space though the subscription is still getting paid and the devices are up.

The story is interesting, because it could easily happen to someone else.

Back around the first of January, my husband hit his head on a kitchen cabinet.  He flew to Las Vegas, and sometime after landing his head started hurting (doctor's say this wasn't a cause, but heck they only practice medicine and he's not flying for a year just in case).

He had noticed some brain and learning confusion, especially that week but what he was trying to do was new to him, and I blew it off.  Especially since my job -- alpha testing and bug killing was consuming me.

Google bought the product I was working on and let the contractors go first week of February.  Once I got over the shock, even though we knew it was coming, I noticed something was really wrong.  His behavior started changing and he got even more hard to live with than normal.

I finally got him to go back to the doctor -- he did go in for the initial headache.  Doctor decided it was no big deal but did a CT scan just in case (we'd forgotten the head injury).

He had a brain bleed.  He's fine now, back to work for the last 5 weeks.  He had brain surgery and then out patient neuro therapy.

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oh heavens!  at least things worked out.  good for you pushing mr "oh, I'm fine" back to the doctor! big_smile

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It's great to have you back! I'm glad that everything's fine with your husband.

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Men can be stubborn! A word to all men, get help as soon as you think something is amiss. I am a registered nurse who works in the operating room and it took me 4 hours to go the hospital after having signs of a heart attack. 2 stents later I was back to ignoring my health again!

Kathleen, I am glad everything is good for you and your husband again.

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As someone who as personal experience with medical problems effecting mental processes, I feel for you and your husband. Glad you pushed the issue and got him to the doctor. The after effects can be just as tough on him. Please be aware of that. I had a lot of (misplaced) guilt about how my problems effected others after I got my faculties back.

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Thanks everyone.  The good news is that the neuro rehab people really helped with the aftermath.  One thing that was great that came out of it, is that he realized what he had put on me.

I'm still not over it, but every day is better.

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Sounds similar to my uncle who bumped his head (while wearing a helmet) as a volunteer ski patrol last year.  He ended up having a couple surgeries to relieve pressure and is much better now.  Had a couple mini-strokes in the process as well.  It was a troubling time for their family that we are glad is in the past!  Glad you pushed him to get another checkup!

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