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Topic: Automatically resoring your settings after factory reset

Hi all,

I thought I might share the method I am using for resoring your settings after factory reset, particularly as I have a habit of trying to tweak things just a little to far and end up breaking stuff!

My current setup configures wifi, timezone, touch click, sound volume and ssh server without having to do it manually.

On an fat32 usb, create a debugchumby with the following:


# copy config files - put these files on the usb stick as well
cp -f /mnt/usb/network* /psp/
cp -f /mnt/usb/timezone* /psp/

# set sound
/usr/bin/chumby_set_volume -master_volume 25
/usr/bin/chumby_set_volume -master_mute 0
/usr/bin/chumby_set_volume -master_panning 0

# touch click on from now on
echo 1 > /psp/touchclick

# set sshd to start automatically always from the next reboot
touch /psp/start_sshd

# start sshd this time

The safest way to build the files to copy in (in my case network and timezone) is identify the files you need (this link helps: ) and then copy off a file that has been setup using the proper user interface.

Once setup, the process to restore is:
- put usb stick in port a
- reboot / power on holding the screen to get to special options
- select factory reset
- chumby will sort itself and then reboot
- abort the intro spiel (it is cool, but we have all seen it before)
- when it asks about wifi, click cancel
- when it asks about timezone, your location should be pre-populated so hit ok
- let the rest of the boot go normally, and unplug the usb stick

Works for me on a chumby classic, ymmv on other variants.

Hope this helps,

Re: Automatically resoring your settings after factory reset

aw man!  why did I never think of that cp -f /mnt/usb/network* /psp/ !!!    THANK YOU for the idea!

I hate the wifi key entry bit more than anything else, I even tried plugging a keyboard into the usb way back when... didn't work.

of course, my wpa key looks something akin to


Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

Re: Automatically resoring your settings after factory reset

Same - my wireless key is long and random... ;-)

After 2 instances of having to type it in on the Chumby (pain!) I started looking for a better way.