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Topic: Some questions about channelprofiles and widgetparameters

Hi Chumbyfriends,

i´ve been writing an Offline-Widgetmaster, to administrate my four Chumbys(C1/C8).

In my current version the tool can create/delete/rename/move channels and also add, delete, rename,move widgets and edit their parameters and widget timings.
As source for the widgets, i use my old saved database from the octopus-tool, and i also have an own_widget directory, to try out or add several foreign flashfiles to chumby offline channels.

But i have some problems after i send the edited (recreated) profiles to chumby, or if i try out some foreign flashfiles life on chumby.

If i´ll test the flashfile compatibility of an foreign flashfile life on chumby, i temporary scp the flashfile to the device and start the .swf with an ssh script.
The script to start the temporary flashfiles:
ping -c 2
/usr/bin/chumbyflashplayer.x -i '/mnt/usb/www/clock.swf' -Q &

When i go back to my widgetexplorer, i stop the widget on chumby with:
killall chumbyflashplayer.x
start_control_panel &

If i update my edited profile files, i also stop_control_panel, delete the old profile files and scp the new profiles to chumby and sync, before i start_control_panel again.

After these procedures i often have no sound on chumby and btplay doesn´t works.
I tried to kill the btplayd and restart it again, but it  doesn´t initialize.
Also there are some widgets like FLV-Player they runs faster than normal in this state.
The only way to get sound back again, is to reboot the Chumby.
Is there an better way to shh-scripted reload channels on device, or a way to reinitialize the sound.

The second question:
I´m searching for the correct setting to set an widget as "stay forever".
There are three timing modes, i know: default, timeout, cooperative.
I know the cooperative mode is a special mode for some widgets, like FLVPlayer, if they´ve been written for operate in cooperative mode, to say if the widget is ready to change to another.
But what´s the different between default and timeout?

Sorry for my horrible english, it´s not my native language :o(

Re: Some questions about channelprofiles and widgetparameters

No one, who can help me ?

In the meantime, my Widgetmaster growd up, and is able to manage Alarms and Radiostations too.

But i´ve also an Problem with unscheduled channelchanges, if i activate an widget from controlpanel.

I think, this is also an problem with incorrect entries in profile.

Please give me a little help.

Re: Some questions about channelprofiles and widgetparameters

Question- are you running your Chumbys on zurkware? Most of us here are not experts in zurkware or using Octopus. If that's the case, the experts for that are on his forum on Sourceforge. If not, maybe try re-stating your original problem.  BTW, your English is just fine.

I hope you can find some answers, because your Widgetmaster sounds like it's a potentially useful tool.