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Has anyone successfully put an OpenLaszlo widget on the chumby? I don't see why a passive widget would not work, but I am wondering if anything would need to be done to get OpenLaszlo to accept touch-screen input.

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The touchscreen is generating conventional Flash mouseDown, mouseMove and mouseUp events.  You will obviously not get mouseMove events when the screen is not being touched, not will you get "over" events on buttons.

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Is there an openlaszlo version for flash lite? It'd be fantastic if there was, but it'd be news to me.

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OpenLaszlo can generate Flash 7, and that's all you need for FlashLite provided you don't use any of the unimplemented stuff.

The only extra thing would be support for FSCommand2, that is specific for FlashLite, but I think that got implemented as a function call so that should work, if you need it at all.

BTW, another development tool that works quite well if you are willing to do EVERYTHING in actionscript is FlashDevelop. It uses MTASC to compile and it has support to import images, fonts and other stuff.
You can find more info here:

One thing that would be good to do (I started but I am lazy) is to create a series of very lite components that can be used for FlashLite devices. One good thing of FlashDevelop is that it has a very easy way to create "template" applications that contain common used actionscript files and resources. This would make for quick application development.

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I created a widget with Openlazlo

I started writing a wiki page about it and sharing the sources. … openlaszlo