Topic: DC Power Jack/Delaminated Pads

So, anyone else experience this problem. Was just plugging in my Chumby last night, showing off my nifty new mini webserver, and the entire DC Power Jack came completely off of the board, taking some of the pads with it. I can repair it, but I'm a bit disappointed in that I've only actually used it for a week since purchase, this month marks my 1yr anniversay since purchasing from Woot.


Re: DC Power Jack/Delaminated Pads

Yes!!! I experienced(/ing) the same problem myself!  I gave up on warranty service , but it LOOKS like an easy repair.  Just solder it back on and go.  Mind you I haven't soldered anything since there was a "Soviet Union", but it doesn't LOOK too complicated.  Or you can take the (really) lazy way out... I bought an unused Insignia Infocast 3.5 for <$30 so I didn't have to but a soldering kit.  If I ever do buy one (on my wish list, but low priority) within the next 'whatever' I'll have another Chumby to play with.  (Thanks again for the cool toy, bunnie!)

Re: DC Power Jack/Delaminated Pads

So, I attempted to solder it back on and superglue the pads back to the board...

I gave it 10 minutes to cure, it didn't even hold for one insertion. Almost seems like the jack it too small for the plug.  All the brown stuff you see is burnt superglue. (Mind you, I'm doing this at work with very inadequate facilities. Just a single soldering iron, and .32 solder. I don't even have any alcohol to clean the contacts. )

The jack ended up ripping the entire pad completely off, so I had to scrape the traces (with a box knife no less), and this is the result.

Took the wires out of a RS232 to RJ45 adapter. Going to wire something up, maybe for the breadboard, or something more stable.  Can't say I'm too happy, but oh well. I can't wait to go through the warranty process, I've got a deadline and this is the best device available to demo our prototype interface.