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I just bought a chumby today but I have to say it had nothing to do with the products looks.  I purchased a chumby for cool factor, with that being said the first thing I intend to do is figure out a way to put it into a much better looking case.  Everyone I have shown this too thinks the idea and product is great except for the ugly "bean bag" case.  I think you would capture a whole new market if you offered a more sleek case option.

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I think they'd need to sell a lot of Chumbys before they come out with more case options.  For an initial product release, it's much more cost-effective to scale the same or similar cases.  Personally, I think they hit a home run with the case as-is.  It blends in perfectly with the way my wife has decided to decorate our house.

That having been said, yeah, I hope they're so successful with the Chumby that they come out with a bunch of different product offerings-- different styles of cases, different sizes of screens, etc.

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What would be cool to see is cases for chumby, sans chumby hardware. I am not crafty, really... I can draw and sculpt, but when it comes to things one'd actually wrap a chumby in... not so much... But if someone were to build cool looking chumby "skins" that you could just pop your chumby into with minimal sewing/crafting/gluing ability, that would rock.

That being said, I do like my chumby's body style. In fact, we kind of resemble each other.


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I absolutely love the design of the chumby!

the design is totally unique which is what makes it awesome.  I really wouldn't have cared about it in the first place if it didn't look and feel so good.

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I also like the current case and design.  I bought it just because it was "different" than normal stuff.