Re: Beta chumby One firmware with Flash Lite 4 released!

Thank you very much Duane,

it seems I'm not too familiar with streaming techniques. Both links were declared as "direct link to WMA stream for devices that can't digest playlistst like wax, m3u or pls)". And both streams play fine on my PC and my 2 internet radios in the house.

Could you maybe name a valid WMA stream URL that works on the chumby so that I can try it?
Is there a chance that the chumby with the latest beta firmware plays the named addresses? Or where could I find a documentation how to 'extend' my chumby's capabilities in this direction?

The subject seems to be getting a little off topic in this firmware forum so I don't plan to bother any more. I was just happy to see the "WMA support feature" and hoping that I could use it ...

Thanks again!

Re: Beta chumby One firmware with Flash Lite 4 released!

Duane wrote:

The first link redirects twice and eventually lands at an asx file.  In there, the urls allegedly to the stream just point back to the same place - it never seems to get to an actual stream.
The second link seems to do more or less the same thing.

Hi Duane. Can you help me to check if this link is a proper WMA stream?
I'm getting the same problem saxonite is and the website says it's a WMA stream and it works on my PC, but it doesn't work on the ChumbyOne.