Topic: Appeal for programmers for UK radio widget

Are there any programmers with a bit of free time to attempt to write a widget for RadioFeeds UK & Ireland's internet radio stations?
There's an existing thread at for some background, but there's too little documentation and support for me (or a friend of mine) to attempt to write one.
If someone's interested in taking on this task, then please let me know.
I'm just really after something that's similar to the SHOUTcast widgets with just a new skin and XML parser.

Re: Appeal for programmers for UK radio widget

It would be nice for sure. I currently have to use either a Squeezebox or Icecast server that I have setup on my Linux machine to stream UK radio to Chumby.

Maybe an easier way to make a UK Radio app would be for  Chumby to have an application for "". Which has lots of UK stations plus many others worldwide?