Topic: Chumby 8 Toolchain

Hello, I'm new to the Chumby 8 and would like to install GCC on it for 'C or C++' development. I've found the post about installing the Chumby 1 chain but I'm unsure if it's the same for the 8, as I'm also new to ARM Processors. Can someone tell me if it is the same or point me to where I can find the chain for the 8? Thanks in advance to all that reply.

Re: Chumby 8 Toolchain

It works the same on the C8 - just SSH into the device and follow the same instructions as the C1.

Re: Chumby 8 Toolchain

Duane, Thanks ever so much for the quick response. Hopefully I'll get the compiler running sometime next weekend (work and holiday commitments all week).

Thanks again,