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I tried to automate some neat things as described here, the events in /tmp/ seem to get consumed after the sighup but nothing happens..

Is this supposed to work on Chumby8 or is there another way?


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Not at the moment - note that each "hack" on that page has a set of icons that indicate which devices they work on.

Which events are you attempting to use - perhaps we can prioritize them.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes I've seen the icons but hoped it's just the icon missing in the wiki wink

Nightmode off/on/dark (or ScreenManager to dim) is the main thing, thats it.
Want to bring the Chumby8 into my existing KNX-Homeautomation (presence-detectors&scenes) with probably only one running App: webpage.. , Starting a specific channel would also be nice at second stage.


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Can I add a me too for having the NightMode events working? smile  I would swear they worked when I first got my chumby8, but it stopped with one of the updates.

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Duane wrote:

Not at the moment - note that each "hack" on that page has a set of icons that indicate which devices they work on..

There is no icon for the 8-inch Chumby anywhere on the page, even though some of the "hacks" are valid for the C8. 

I really want the WidgetPlayer/setWidget event.  My home server can get information about an incoming phone call, and I would like it to be able to send a command to the Chumby, on an incoming phone call, to switch to a widget which can display the incoming phone call information.

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+1 for the NightMode  events, I had this working with some scripts on the older C8 firmware.

Also, would also love to be able to launch a stream with this guy:

<event type="UserPlayer" value="play" comment=""/> 

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I'll look into that - I'm currently messing with that part of the code anyway.

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Just tested with 5.0.34 on the C8 firmware, and very cool, the UserPlayer event works now!  Thanks!

Unfortunately, this is still broken:

<event type="NightMode" value="on" comment="1"/>

My use case for the night mode event is two-part:

* I have a cron job set up to run every 15 minutes to turn on NightMode automatically.
* I have a httpd running on the chumby, which serves up a page of icon buttons, which will run small scripts to play/stop shoutcast streams, adjust volume, play a white noise mp3, reboot, and turn on/off night mode.  The cool thing is that I can set up the chumbrowser to launch the page, so I get a custom "control panel" that I can run from my smartphone or the chumby itself.

Basically, I am using the Chumby as a glorified alarm clock, and prefer the night mode clock all the time, unless I am showing the browser page.

Screenshot (from iPhone):

PunBB bbcode test

Hopefully, this is an easy thing to fix if/when you sit down and look at it.

(BTW, if anyone is interested, I will be happy to share the html/cgi scripts for the web page)

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The NightMode event will be fixed in the next CP release.