Topic: Best Adobe Flash software for chumby development?

I'm new to chumby development and I'm working on a project that is in .fla files.  I have no Flash software on my MacBook Pro and I'm trying to decide between Adobe's three Flash Development Tools:

Adobe Flash Professional:

Adobe Flash Catalyst:

Adobe Flash Builder:

Which of these is the best for chumby development?  Is there another program that I should look at for MacBook pro?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Best Adobe Flash software for chumby development?

Currently, the bulk of the chumby devices (and the Sony dash) run Flash Lite 3, which requires coding in Actionscript 2, which is only supported by the "Adobe Flash Professional" product, if you're looking exclusively at Adobe products.  This would also be the case for the Insignia TV and any other current Flash-based TV platform (they run a special version of Flash Lite 3 called "Stagecraft").

The Chumby 8 (and beta firmware images for Chumby Classic and Chumby One) run Flash Lite 4, and the Android client uses Flash 10/11, which allows coding in Actionscript 3, can be coded using "Adobe Flash Builder".

There are various third-party flash development tools out there as well, including open source ones.  They're not quite as well integrated as the official Adobe tools, but they work if you want to put in the extra effort.  Some of these tools have even been ported to the device itself.