Topic: Having trouble with Hide and Show

We are loading a url into one of the brower tabs -

NeTVBrowser Tab 1

We can hide it with

NeTVBrowser Tab 1 Hide

and see the standard NeTV UI
NeTVBrowser Tab 1 Show (we assume that is the command)

does not seem to work.  Doing something wrong?


Re: Having trouble with Hide and Show

Sorry, this this another hairy bug.

The 'hide' option will actually delete the tab, free its memory & show the tab 0.
So when you 'show' again, the tab is not there.
The initial design was to show a new tab, do something with it, and free up memory once you're done. All these while keeping the tab 0 running. Memory (RAM) on NeTV device is limited, hence we didn't want to keep many tabs opened.

I'm going to change this behavior to be what it supposed to be normally & request a firmware update today.
You will have to keep a watch on memory usage if too many tabs are opened at the same time.
I will update the wiki once new firmware is pushed.
'hide' just hide the current tab & show tab 0, while keeping it running. ('tab' argument is not required)
'destroy' or 'close' will destroy the desired tab & show tab 0.
'destroyall' will destroy all tabs except tab 0 & show tab 0. ('tab' argument is not required)
'show' will show the desired tab & hide all other without destroying them.

Let me know if you want some other options.