Topic: My Streams on the Chumby8

I recently purchased a Chumby8 to go with the two Chumby Ones that we already had. The Chumby8 lives in the kitchen, where its large size allows us to see it from anywhere in the room.

I was extremely disappointed to find out that the 8 does not include My Streams. One of my top uses for the Chumby Ones is to listen the the TWIT live stream. (I also have about two dozen other stations programmed into My Streams, but most of those others are available on either Shoutcast, iheartradio or Blue Octy.) So instead, when I have to do things in the kitchen, I bring out my iPad, which, between the available apps, and the tunein app, allow me to much more quickly find my favorite background noises.

Please, please, please add a My Streams option to the Chumby8.

I realize that programming this can be a significant challenge, especially for a non-technical person, but, it should be there anyway.