Topic: RSS/XML on FlashDevelop

I'm stuck with a rss/xml reader in flashdevelop (as2).

My xml object gets a http 200 status, and I see the http transaction successful completion through wireshark. Anyway I only get the onData event, with loaded property being false, and of course the onLoad event doesn't fire.

Any suggestions?

Re: RSS/XML on FlashDevelop

If you have an onData handler, the onLoad handler isn't called.

Internally, the default XML onData handler looks something like:

xml.onData = function (src:String) {
    if (src == undefined) {
    } else {
        this.loaded = true;

When you add your own onData handler, it *replaces* this one.

One thing one must keep in mind when using a web service in Flash is that the data must be encoded in UTF-8.

Re: RSS/XML on FlashDevelop

You got it!

Thank you so much