Topic: NeTV command line tools?

I got a beta unit from Bunnie at Open Hardware Summit and have hooked it up tonight.  It's on my WiFi network, I've got a SSH into the box, and I've been able to do some control both from the IR remote and from the Android interface app.

Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to make it load other webpages.  I can't get the Android app to send anything other than "", and the wiki docs don't describe the web protocol command used to direct the device to a page.

Is there a command-line tool to do this?  Right now, I'm trying to direct it to the page at to test out a image blending technique using alternate patterns of 50% chroma-key.

Re: NeTV command line tools?

It's odd that you can't get the app to send anything other than You are supposed to be able to enter the URL in the top box, and then hit the chumby-like icon in the top right corner to send it to the device.

Can you tell me what version of the app you are using, and what type of phone/version of OS you are using? I'd like to track this bug down.

In the meantime, there is a command line to force the URL, I believe it's

NeTVBrowser -qws SetUrl

If that doesn't work ping here again and I'll get my dev to confirm the actual command, I'm running from the top of my head.

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Re: NeTV command line tools?

It's NeTV 0.5.6 running on a LG Optimus V running Android 2.2.2.

I'll hook the NeTV back up later tonight and try some more experiments.

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unwiredben, very clever technique!
It does render on the screen for me, but it will appear as an almost-transparent noise pattern.
You could have missed it if you are watching from a distance.

This is due to FPGA unable to render alternate chroma pixel. I will flag this to bunnie and see if we can fix it.
It will, however, work with 2-pixel pattern. I've created my own test page here

You can use the following commands in SSH to test out your page or my page. I will update the wiki soon about this.
NeTVBrowser -qws Tab 1
NeTVBrowser -qws Tab 1 Hide

The SetUrl command will work too, but keep-alive timer will switch it back after 1 minute.
NeTVBrowser -qws SetUrl

If you have firmware version 9 or 11 the Android app should work fine.
You can verify your firmware version with command
chumby_version -f

Does the Android app work if you point to a simpler URL, say, or ? (http:// part is optional)