Topic: Infocast 8" touchscreen not working

I just bought a refurbished Insignia 8" Infocast. I cannot tap on the next button (or anything at all) when asked to select a wireless network. If I turn it off and hold my finger on the screen I can get to the calibration screen. No problem tapping four corners and center but when it tells me to drag the green ball I can't get the screen to respond to any inputs.

Is this hardware hosed or is there something else I can try?

Thanks for the advice!

Re: Infocast 8" touchscreen not working

Try using a stylus or other non-sharp pointy thing to do the calibration, and see if that helps.

If not, it's probably a bad touchscreen.

Re: Infocast 8" touchscreen not working

Thanks for that. I tried a stylus and got the same results. I contacted the seller and he told me I needed to push really hard but the screen will work.

I'm assuming it is incorrect. These screens are very responsive to light touches, right?

Re: Infocast 8" touchscreen not working

Well, these are resistive touchscreens, not capacitive like those on the iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android tablets, etc.

There are two membranes held apart by a grid of very tiny "nubs" - when you press, the two membranes touch and the device does a measurement of the electrical resistance between them.  It works best with a very small area of pressure, and it does take a bit more force than a capacitive touchscreen.

It sounds like your device is registering that touches are happening, but it's not properly measuring the resistance to determine *where* you're touching.