Topic: i2c issues on one infocast, not another

Just writing that topic subject makes me feel silly. I have two 3.5" Infocasts. One by my bed, one in a kegbot project. I'd like to use a TMP102 to sense kegerator temperature in the bot which leads me to a problem.

I used Ladyada's helpful i2c example code to scan the i2c address space for data which works fine on Infocast#1.

I get data at 0x1D (accelerometer)
as well as some other results I haven't identified on 0x31,0x51,0x54,0x55,0x56,and 0x57

Unfortunately, the identical code on Infocast#2 returns zeros for every address and every register. The flash player constantly logs that it's "reconnecting to accelerometer" as well, so I think we can rule out a software problem. Is there a simple explanation for what could cause this condition?

*full disclosure*
I've had the same results with or without the TMP102 connected, but I connected it with stranded wire into a socket, so it's entirely possible a strand isn't well-connected, or slipped out and is shorting against something.

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Re: i2c issues on one infocast, not another

An update for anyone interested in the future. As is so often the case, taking it apart and putting it back together again seemed to fix the issue. Or rather, I can now read from the accelerometer again. And what'd you know? Something shows up at 0x90 now. Sweet.

Re: i2c issues on one infocast, not another

Temperature data comes off the line no problem now. If anyone wants the poorly Frankenstein'd C let me know.