Topic: [Dash] Can I access the main clock's alarms?

I'm not sure if Dash discussion is accepted here or not, but the Sony Dash development forums are crippled so I figured I'd come here.  I just signed up as a developer but my account doesn't work in their forums, and attempting to register/sign-in gave me a grab-bag of 404s, re-directs, or the ever-so-awesome html-frame-within-a-frame every time I clicked anything -- *SIGH*

Anyway, in short, none of the themes or apps look, behave, or display how I want, so I was going to just make my own clock app to leave permanently on the screen in "full-screen" app mode.  However, I don't want to re-program and store ALL of the internal clock's functionality over again; for example, I'd like to be able to display the next alarm that is already set in the main clock menu of the Dash.

Is there any way to do this on the Dash?  Or do I have to effectively write my own OS within their OS?

Re: [Dash] Can I access the main clock's alarms?

The dash is a pretty locked down device.  I don't think there's a way to do what you want the way the system is currently structured.  I'd normally suggest posting on Sony's developer pages, but it sounds like that's not working for you.

I think they originally intended for independent developers to create new "themes", which would be they way you'd do this - unfortunately, I don't know the status of that.

Re: [Dash] Can I access the main clock's alarms?

Thanks, Duane!