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I noticed that the popular URLImage app (at least) is now (after the past week or so) somehow not showing up on the Infocast 8, after working fine previously.  It's showing fine on my Infocast 3.5.

I see from the comments for the URLImage app's page on the Dashboard on that I'm evidently not the only one seeing this behavior right now.

To replicate:

What product: Infocast 8, either fresh and reset for new user, or assigned an account -- no difference.

Behavior seen:  Add URLImage to a channel in the website dashboard.  I added to both the Featured channel, and to a channel of my own creation.  The URLImage app shows on the dashboard for that channel, and can be configured with an image URL, etc.

Now, go to the Infocast 8 main App screen.  On the icon for that Channel, you will see the number of Apps in that channel in red in the corner of the Channel icon.  The counter increments with URLImage, that is, if URLImage is the only app in a channel, the channel will show "1" app in that channel.

Now, try to play the channel on the Infocast 8.  If URLImage is the only app in the channel, it will say "no apps in channel".  If it's one of other apps in the channel, the other apps will be there, but minus URLImage.

As noted above, I tried doing a power-on-hold-screen reset for new user; doing hard recycles; resetting with a completely new user for the Dashboard, etc. No difference.

As a workaround, I'm just using the similar ImageURL app, which is working fine.

The Insignia forums at the Insignia website has hinted that some database issues at Chumby were causing some anomalies.  I do remember some weird downtime a week or 10 days ago on the network, but it's been up and otherwise fine since then.  Not sure if this issue noted here is related.



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the URLImage app has been marked by the developer as only being available on devices with 320x240 screen size.   This is why it is unavailable on your 800x600 Infocast 8" device.

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Thanks.  I wondered if that was the case (the screen resolution requirement.)  It was just odd, in that it had been working prior to around last week. Must've been an update.

To avoid confusion, in the future it would be great if the dashboard on could alert if an app is not compatible with the device it's being paired with.



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Biff, there are two widgets with very similar names: ImageURL is found under Webcams (don't know why) and works fine on the 8.  URLImage found under Photos does not work on the 8.

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Similar names, but different developers

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It would be nice if this incompatibility with large screens and recommendation for an alternative that does work could be added to the description for URLimage.

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I updated my Infocast 8" to the Chumby 8" FW yesterday and noticed that both the ImgURL no longer function. 

I was using them for local security cams.

I see the "loading" part on the one application that was working.  I can though go to the web and load an image.