Topic: Analog Clock - Problem with the rotation of the hands

I am trying to learn to write widgets for the Chumby. I am not willing to pay Adobe big bucks just to write widgets so I am using FlashDevelop to write it.

I thought a good project to start with would be an analog clock. I actually found what I needed and it seemed to work fine until I decided to let it run for awhile. After about a minute you can notice the hands start to separate and after an hour or so they are no longer visible. I would like some pointers on how I may be able to fix this.

I have written some blog posts about my adventures in writing this widget and would appreciate any help. It is too bad I could not find any ActionScript examples on how to create an analog clock. All the examples I found were in fla projects which do me no good. This really makes me question why Chumby industries ever decided to go with Flash in the first place.

My blog posts are at

Here are some images of the clock being run over a 6 minute interval.

The source code is at