Topic: Pulling a jpeg from a lan shared drive (local widget) problem

I hope someone could shed some light on this problem.
I'm trying to load a .jpeg from a shared ram drive on a lan pc.

Though it works fine running my .swf in a flash window or a browser on any PC on my LAN, when running as a local widget, all I get is a blank screen instead of the jpeg image on either my Chumby classic or Infocast 3.5.

loadClip("file://///PCName/SharedName/myjpeg.jpeg + "?" + , imageClips[currentIndex]);

The "?" after the file and before the cache buster was the only way I could get the cache buster to work with a file object...

Is there some issue when connecting to a shared drive folder on my local area network?
It's shared with everyone "full control"...after messing with this for hours, I'm pretty much out of ideas...