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Does anyone know where I can find a spare power adapter that will work with the Infocast 8"? I've looked at some "universal adapters" and they seem like they should work -- but most say 500mA, not the 2.5A on the underside of the Chumby. If anyone can tell me where they may have gotten one that worked out-of-the-box, please let me know!

Maybe a Chumbian would know if a Chumby One adapter would work? BestBuy doesn't seem to sell just the power adapters for the Infocast.

Re: Spare power adapter

I bought a replacement adapter at Radio Shack that seems to work
Model: enercell,  Cat. No. 2730411
It comes with a tip-ring free adapter, (choose one at the time of purchase) The one that fit my Infocast is model "H".
The supply also has an integral USB slot for charging other devices.
I took the Infocast to the Radio Shack to ensure it'd work. And to point out that they should be making something so cool.

Its box says it supplies 5VDC at 2.5A, but the placard on the supply itself says the output connector is 1.5A and its USB connector's output is 1.0A. The Infocast placard says it requires 5V at 2.5A

Re: Spare power adapter

Try They have hundreds of power adapters.