Topic: Can't select/play a channel

I added a new channel via It's just a bunch of urlimage widgets.

I can't play or open this channel or any other channel now.

The rename, create new, delete channels, reload buttons work fine but the open and play buttons aren't doing anything.

I've restarted the Infocast several times and no luck.

Any ideas? I miss my Infocast already. sad

Re: Can't select/play a channel

OK! I unplugged it, waited a few seconds and plugged it back it.

I selected Pick a Channel from the apps screen and I can play channels now.

I did notice that the Channels button on the left side had a drop down indicator now. As does the APPS button. I don't think that was there before. Also, when I tap the drop down indicator for channels, my channels appear on the left side. Strange.

Now it tells me my new channel is empty. Even though I stuck in 20 urlimage widgets and I see 20 indicated on the channel. I guess I can rebuild it.