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Is it possible to enter night mode automatically or programmatically? The Wiki page at … omatically doesn't show Infocast supports the documented way... Any hints? Thanks.

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Re: Auto night mode?

Denix (are you also on the MCV forums?) I don't think that an auto night is currently supported with infocast, but it is with the Chumbys (using silent alaram to set or trigger events).

I love mine so far and would love to get Vera controlled through it.  So far I have one of my IP cameras working with still images on the infocast, very cool.  Vera shouldn't be that hard to write an interface app for.

Re: Auto night mode?

use a clock that has brightness scheduling

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Re: Auto night mode?

Which Infocast? The 8" or 3.5"? With the 3.5 you can just use a custom alarm as stated earlier. The 8" software is much different and doesn't support this, at least not easily.

Re: Auto night mode?

Found a way to dim the screen and to make it bright again.  Still looking though for "night" command such that I can run a cron job to turn it dim (with clock) at night though....

To make the screen dim:

echo 20 > /sys/devices/platform/silvermoon-bl/backlight/silvermoon-bl/brightness

to make the screen bright:

echo 90 > /sys/devices/platform/silvermoon-bl/backlight/silvermoon-bl/brightness

Does anyone know the name of the program running with just the basic clock when you hit the "night" mode or the "night" mode command?

Re: Auto night mode?

did you try the screen dimming in 3.5" or 8" infocast ?

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The custom alarms and the default night clock appear to run at a higher priviledge level, thus can adjust the screen brightness. Normal widgets have insufficient priviledges to do so.

(I tried to do it programatically from a widget, but was unsuccessful, due to the above.)

Re: Auto night mode?

I did this on an 8" Infocast.  (via SSH).  I'm fine with a cron job. 

I'd still like to run the "night mode" widget clock though instead of dimming only.  Thinking maybe of using the flash line command mode; but not having luck with it so far.

I use whatever widget is available for the 3.5' Infocast "night mode".