Topic: Network Photos with Twonky?

I have all my photos on a WD Mybook world 2.  They are being served with twonky 5.1.
The infocast 8 can see the mybook, and browse to the photos folder.  I can see the files but when I try to view them I get a "cannot load this image" message.  It seems like it is so close to working.

If this is not possible,  is there another way for me to view my photos from this network drive without having to use a PC?

I did a lot of searching for Twonky/Photos before posting this and couldn't find anything definitive.  Sorry if this has been answered already.

Re: Network Photos with Twonky?

I'm having this exact same problem (Mybook with Twonky as well).  Any ideas?

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Re: Network Photos with Twonky?

jbpounders - I got a response that they will "look into it" at the official Insignia Infocast forum. … td-p/22864

Silly me, I thought since this forum is titled "Insignia Infocast" would be a good place to post questions about the product.  I guess not.