Topic: firefly streaming mp3s

Need help making a widget public.

This is where I am at:
-I have modified Bo Mellberg's Fireplay to work on my Dash.  It allows me to stream my itunes library via Firefly.
-It only works if I have a shell program loaded on the Dash that loads the fireplay.swf located on my server.
-my server number is hard coded in the file.

What I have tried:
-Loading the file from the Chumby (Sony) site doesn't work
-Created a config file to load server info

What I think I know:
-I think the file loaded from the server isn't working because it needs to pass a password to the Firefly server
-If the file is loaded from the same server it doesn't need the password
-This should work on the Chumby, but the interface might need to be adjusted for the smaller screen size

I hope to share this because it was one of the features I was missing on the Dash.

Re: firefly streaming mp3s

How did you get a shell program running on the dash?

Re: firefly streaming mp3s

Sorry, shell is the wrong term.  I created a swf file that loads the local(my server) file.