Topic: Full featured Jukebox app?

I've got a Chumby One that I love using for an alarm and Pandora but I'm thinking of getting a touchscreen device with decent jukebox software for my basement, similar to what you see at bars.  I know there's a Chumby app but it just emulates the look of an old Rockola. 

I actually want something where I can queue up songs and play them in order, perhaps a couple random songs will play after some inactivity.  After seeing some videos and reviews of the Infocast it seems like it could handle this pretty easily.  Anyone know if some of the popular Linux jukebox software could be ported or if someone is working on this?  I have a feeling this would help move a lot of units for people who have a bar in their home.  It would save space, money and electricity over having a full XP or Linux PC running with an expensive touchscreen.