Topic: New software update available for chumby one

A new software update (SW 1.0.7 and CP 2.8.72) is available for chumby one devices.

The software update includes the following improvements and fixes:
-    Updated FM Radio UI with presets
-    Added international support for FM radio
-    Added alarm configuration for FM Radio
-    Updated "My Music Files" (USB music) UI
-    Updated alarm configuration for My Music Files
-    Added Skip/Unskip Next Alarm functionality to Night Mode and Alarm Configuration
-    Fixed alarm issue on time/date
-    Fixed issues with backup alarm when adjusting system time/date
-    Changed brightness sliders to full range for both day and night mode
-    Fixed mute on alarm volume slider

Please post your comments and feedback on the forum!


To download the software using the OTA, tap the Now button when the software update screen appears on your device.

You can also update through USB by copying the following file onto the top level of a USB flash drive (i.e., do not put it into a folder). DO NOT extract the file: … update.tgz

Internet Explorer users: Right click on the link and select "Save Target As...". A dialog box will open and the file name "update.gz" will appear — change the file name to "update.tgz" (insert the "t") and click on Save.

Mac Safari users: Ctrl-click on the link and select "Download Linked File" to prevent the files from being automatically extracted.