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Some time ago I made a little Widget called MasterClock, which basically just shows other clocks downloaded from the Chumby-Website. I now have complains that it stopped working, but I currently have no time to look into it. Therefore I put the source code online in case anyone else want to take a look at it. If anyone can tell my what I need to correct I will publish a new version. Of course anyone is welcome to republish a better version of my MasterClock. (My guess is that it's some sort of crossdomain-issue.)

I packed the whole FlashDevelop-Project, so it should be not problem to compile it, as long as FlashDevelop is installed. The code is rather primitive, because I have no clue about flash programming and just hacked into the dark wink

Good luck!

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Hi Christian (aka theBoatman) -

I think your MasterClock widget is a clever idea so I took a look at the code and moved some things around and have it working once again.  Chumby is certainly interested in having the MasterClock maintained and always working so I (djchumby) could become the new owner/author of MasterClock if that is most convenient for you.  Alternatively, I could just make my version available on our wiki and you could then take a look and release the new .swf yourself - thus keeping theBoatman as the widget owner.

Let me know which option works best for you.

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It's ok for me if you take over this widget, as long as the source code stays available. Probably that's the best way, because you can react much faster on changes in the firmware/controlpanel than I could.

I am happy that my idea is interesting for other people too.

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I've changed the owner to djchumby and mentioned in the app description that you are the original creator.
The FlashDevelop project source code can now be found on the chumby wiki here or, more directly, here.