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Hi, Rick here from Just recently got myself a Chumby one and love the little guy. After reading all the guidelines I have been playing around with the basics of widget development. There are quite a few limitations (initially) which were not so great like 100k file size limit, 12 fps etc...

However, I tried a quick test and just chucked one of our touch games on it to see what would happen and it works great!!! The game is 900k at 20fps and plays beautifully on the chumby, obviously a few things don't work with a direct port but most of it works fine, even viewing our leaderboards. The games are built at 360 X 640 but when scaled look fine.

My question, why are we limited to 100k at 12 fps if we can actually put any file size on? Is this purely for keeping the loadtimes really quick? Will a game be rejected for public viewing if file size is over 100k? Even if we were to build smart preloaders?



btw, you can view our flash lite games at, if you got a Nokia touch device you can have a play. Hopefully will be doing some cool widgets down the line for Chumby!

Re: Device limitations?

These are just recommended guidelines, but it all really depends upon the widget.  Some widgets do fine at much higher frame rates, others not so much.  If you're happy with the performance at the current rate, then stick with it.

You should be able to upload something larger than 100K - the site will tell you if it's too big when you attempt to upload.  There are several widgets that are larger.

Depending upon what you're doing, you could just upload a stub movie and pull down the "real" widget from another server, or when the user explicitly selects the an option to actually play the game.

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Re: Device limitations?

Great stuff! Thanks for the quick response Duane. This is fantastic news and some really cool ideas. Could do some game themed clocks that can then pull in the games if ppl wanna play. Now to just figure out how to pull up the on screen keyboard that would complete it!

edit: Found the examples, cool stuff!