Topic: problem with power plug

My plug on Chumby one apparently is loose.  When I plug it in it does not get any electricity (have a battery) and does not charge.  I have looped the cord up and taped it in a way that puts pressure upward and then it works.  However, I would like to take it apart and fix it.  Has anyone done this in the past?  Thanks in advance, Mark

Re: problem with power plug

I had that issue as well.  It was on a window seal and it fell down and the plug came loose.  I had to open it up, solder it on the motherboard better and then it worked ok.  But then my son pushed it somehow and it came loose so I tried to solder it back but it still didn't work good.  I ended up putting in a little screw driver in the plug on the chumby side and pushed the center pin to one side and now it works great.

Let me know if you need more help

Re: problem with power plug

Thanks, will try pushing the pin.  Mark