Topic: FOO CAMP - Trouble registering your chumby?

If you're having trouble registering your chumby at Foo Camp, this is probably why.

We're running a completely separate server at Foo, and have modified O'Reilly's DNS to point to that server.

If you've configured your laptop to static DNS, you may not be using that server, but rather the normal www server located in San Diego. The chumbys, however, will be using the one at Foo.

What you need to do is go into your computer's network settings and configure to let O'Reilly's DHCP server give you the appropriate DNS record.

If you're still having problems, please respond in this thread.

Re: FOO CAMP - Trouble registering your chumby?

I've powered up my chumby a couple times and can't seem to get it past the window.

Most of the time it finds FOO or chumby network connections, but it always reports that was unreachable.

Upon one of 7+ boots all day long Saturday, I saw a screen that said something about factory reset, install updates, or continue booting. I choose continue booting. I'm not sure why/how this screen came up.

What am I doing wrong?

Re: FOO CAMP - Trouble registering your chumby?

There have been a couple of reports of chumbys failing to get a DHCP lease at Foo, which sounds like the problem you're having.  As I'm sure you can appreciate, there's a *lot* of wifi activity going on there.

It's also possible you have a bad wifi dongle.

The "safe mode" screen usually comes up if the touchscreen is pressed during power up.  If that's not the case, then there may be some other failure in one of the memory partitions.

You should try to track down Ken or bunnie so they can take a look at your chumby.

Re: FOO CAMP - Trouble registering your chumby?

Ken touched it and it began working. I hate it when that happens.

Wahoo! Thanks!

Re: FOO CAMP - Trouble registering your chumby?

You'll Have too configure your linksys router(if you have one)..................
make sure its 64 or 16 bit secured.

Re: FOO CAMP - Trouble registering your chumby?

So basically, will it work if you have your wireless router at home logged into your ISP using DSL? You don't have to have your wireless router logged into the Chumby server somehow directly, do you? (Doesn't seem logical, but just wanted to make sure, and my wireless router logs into my wired Linksys router with a static IP, and the Linksys is logged into my ISP, Bellsouth).