Topic: test points on my dead Chumby?

Hi. I have limited knowledge in electronics and i could really nedd some help in diagnocing my dead Chumby.
The screen is dead and it does not show up on my wavelan router. I have no jtag cable so i'm not able to look at any boot messages either. The Chumby is now naked and when i put the power plug in all the big hynix ic:s ges warm, the u601 gets very hot and have voltage between Vin and gnd. 5V regulator U501 also have voltge between Vin and gnd.

What's the best way to diagnose what is wrong with my Chumby? I see a lot of test points in the scematics but i don't  know how to make use of them.
Since i live in Sweden i got no warranty and i really want it back alive. Can you guys please help me?

Cheers, Marcus

Re: test points on my dead Chumby?

Well a serial cable would be the easiest.  Just straight Tx, Rx, 3.3V, and Gnd.  Run that into a USB Serial cable, and you've got pretty much exactly the hardware we used for developing the c1.

Both cables are relatively inexpensive.  If you're connecting to the chumby classic, you'll want to connect at 38400 baud 8N1.

Re: test points on my dead Chumby?

It's s a classic Chumby and not the new one. Do you mean a jtag cable, the ttl-rs232 adapter or a plai rs-232 serial cable? Can i see the pinout somewhere?

Re: test points on my dead Chumby?

The pinouts are on the hardware page.  They're also silkscreened onto the board.  The pin on the outside of the board is Tx, and going towards the middle of the board the pins are Tx, Rx, +3.3V, Gnd, and another Rx.  You can ignore the second Rx pin.

If you plug in the TTL <-> RS232 adapter, then plug that into the RS232 cable, you might be able to see some of what's going on.